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Over time, it has been challenging getting good Gospel music. The challenges ranging from available technology to where to find the music. The 15th-19th centuries kept us in the dark, giving us mostly paper music which performance was the exclusive right of the owner. However, some talented Musicians were also allowed to perform later. E.g F. Handel, Beethoven, J. S Bach, etc.

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The advent of sound-Music came into being in the 20th century technologies, spanning from Gramophones to Radio, Turn-Table, Cassettes, Compact Disc(CDs),VCDs and lately the introduction of DVDs in the early 21st century. The earlier technologies had the challenges of portability, durability and poor sound quality, in addition to keeping music away from people. But thank God for the Scientists, Electronics/Computer Technologists, software's writers and Developers who made online Music possible through the introduction of Internet Technology. This brought about the solution to finding good music everywhere.

But modern times it has become easy for any music enthusiast to buy gospel music! Through the internet one can buy gospel music online and get them immediately, once a gospel album comes out one doesn't need to go join any queue to buy gospel music all you need do is go to your favorite gospel music store online and just buy! Below are some of the advantages when you buy gospel music online

• Listening to, and buying the only track or song you want instead of the whole gospel album; saving money.

• Reduces the stress of going to music shops; saving time and energy.

• Makes easy to find which gospel music is available, where, when and how to buy, removing the challenge of third-party road block.

• One does not necessarily need Radio or TV stations for advert or to listen to gospel music one loves since even phones or iPods could be used for internet music stations and download today.

Gospel music everywhere for everybody, Music anywhere you go. I recommend as a good source of good Gospel songs you will like to listen to. It can create for you a personal "internet Radio Station". You can also buy these songs for yourself at, Black, and, Black They are not expensive but it also depends on what you want. You can also have a free download, depending on the country you of your resident. However, these are the key points to consider when buying your gospel music online.

• Buy types and forms of songs you like. Songs you can learn sing and perform with less effort.

• Songs that help you develop skills for you ministry.

• Based on your audience or congregations. Consider their interest and taste first.

• Your available resources.

• Go for package deal, identify credible seller. They sell cheaper and give complete information about the Producers.

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